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Brown Jewelry, Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet Earrings

Jasper braceletSince this beautiful season is a great inspiration for my Fall collection, I have brought you here this beautiful picture jasper sterling silver bracelet together with these dainty dangle earrings.

This nourishing, earthy jasper stone was used for healing for thousands of years in many cultures around the world.

It brings you more energy and vitality and it is very helpful for people who easily burn out. Wearing brown jasper will help for centering and grounding. It is a protective stone and it has stabilizing and healing properties. Legend said that Jasper would drive away evil spirits.

Jasper earringsPicture jasper encourages ecological awareness, bringing stability and balance.  Picture jasper is a stone of proportion and harmony and stimulates creative visualisation.  It helps to bring hidden thoughts and feelings – griefs, fears, guilt, envy, love, hope – to the surface, to be released.  It brings comfort and alleviates fear.  Picture jasper stimulates the immune system and helps treat disorders of the skin and kidneys.2013-09-21

Source: Picture Jasper


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Sunny days…






Amber jewellery for a dear one! ( unique handmade amber bracelet, pendant, earrings and necklace)
This honey colored amber is a healing “stone” – actually fossilized resin – that cleanses both the mind and the body. It is supposed to be used as alternative for healing depression and for the nervous system. Amber is a good emotional healing and it helps reducing stress. It is used for its calming effects. Amber is also known for bringing balance and patience in ones life.


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Rose Tourmaline Bracelet

4These beautiful rose water melon tourmaline beads are hand wrapped with sterling silver wire and rings to form this dainty feminine bracelet. It is finished with a sterling silver heart toggle clasp.
Just check here.

Tourmaline gemstone is used for relax and nurture and it is associated with feminine energy. The rose tourmaline promotes love, relaxation, compassion and healing on emotional level. It is supposed to heal emotional wounds with its soft, soothinig energy and this gemstone brings also feelings of comfort and safety.

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