mica 1 M blogWelcome to Anne’s Jewellery!

These unique gem sterling silver handmade jewellery (earrings, necklaces, pendants, charms and bracelets) are created using quality materials such as sterling silver, gold plated silver and gemstones. You can inquire about items by sending a message here. Custom orders are always welcome!

For order and more details about all these jewellery please click here!

All these jewellery are created with a lot of love and personality to be worn through the day, for every occasion, with just any outfit. They are versatile and elegant and more than that wearing my jewellery brings you a very great feeling.

The inspiration is the nature: the earthy colors and the colors of the see. Each of Anne’s design is handcrafted, unique and it is created with attention to detail. Most of them are made in sterling silver and colorful gemstones but you could find also wood, shell and other natural materials.

All of them are perfect gifts to be offered with lots of love to somebody that is very special for you! But also a nice gift for your soul!

With gratitude,



I am the author of all jewellery and photos presented here. If you wish to use any part of the content of this site, please mention “Anne’s Jewellery”.

Any metaphysical gemstone healing properties mentioned here are not to be taken as confirmed advice and the information is not to replace the doctor’s advice. For any medical conditions please see a licensed medical practitioner. The information here is provided for you to make your own decisions




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