How to Choose the Right Earrings for the Face Shape

How do I choose the right pair of earrings for me? turquoise sterling silver earrings
I have got this question from time to time and decided to put down here some tips.

The best earrings choice is that one made not only keeping in mind the outfit ( texture, material, design) but the face shapes. They will add a touch that will be able to stand you out from the crowd.

Earrings for round shape faces

For this face shape you would like to elongate and make the face look slimmer. Your best choice would be the earrings with long angular design and not the rounded designs. Elongated and narrow earrings will balance out the shape of the face but teardrops and dangle earrings are also great choices. For this face shape you have to avoid small stud earrings and circular discs as they can make the face look wider.

Earrings for heart shape faces

Wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin, for this face shape a pair of round/oval earrings, not very long, would be the best choice. You could try also teardrops, dangle and chandelier earrings because they will fill the bottom half of the face and soften the angles. Pointy earrings should be avoided.

Earrings for square shape faces

Here, the forehead, cheeks and jaws are all about the same width and so the elongated, circular, hoop earrings are the most flattering. Dangling, hoop earrings – more rounded designs – will soften the lines of the square shape faces. The square, large and very wide earrings are not a good choice for you.

Earrings for long and narrow shape faces

For this face shape, the best choice are post and stud earrings; pearls add softness and minimize length. The round shape earrings make the face look wider and fuller. When choosing dangle earrings, it is better if they have elongated curves to enhance the cheekbones. Anyway, very long and thin earrings is better to be avoided.

Earrings for oval shape faces

Although almost every style of earrings look good for this face shape, the most flattering earrings are those with a teardrop shape and that ones short and dangling. These earrings will draw attention to the face without adding any width and length.





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