Faceted Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Earrings

Lemon Quartz EarringsLemon Quartz EarringsLemon Quartz Earrings - collageThese beautiful faceted lemon quartz gemstone beads are handcrafted by Anne’s Jewellery using sterling silver wire. They are finished with lever back earring hooks. The faceted lemon quartz  beads (approx. 9 mm) have a dazzling lemon yellow glitter and dangle nicely from the hooks.

The lemon quartz is a variety of the most common and abundant gemstone minerals – quartz. Although amethyst and citrine are the most popular varieties of quartz, lemon and green quartz are gaining popularity. Mined in Brazil, the lemon quartz is a very durable stone and thus it is a very good option for everyday jewelry. The gemstone is transparent to translucent with a glass-like luster.

The lemon quartz is a gemstone that it’s supposed to bring optimism, well-being and creativity. It eliminates  negative thoughts and brings out all the positive aspects of the wearer. The quartz crystals can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It is believed that this gemstone could create balance and harmony in life and that’s why it is quite popular among jewellery lovers.


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