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Blue Jade Pendant


This lovely one of a kind tear drop blue jade gemstone 2 cm is wrapped by me in gold plated sterling silver wire. Together with a gold plated sterling silver bead they from this statement blue jade pendant.
For more info abut the blue jade pendant please drop by my Etsy shop!

Jade is considered to offers good health, wealth, and love. Jade can help you realize your full potential and increases nurturing. It is a symbol of purity and it is supposed to be a protective stone, bringing harmony. It soothes the mind and releases all kind of negative thoughts.


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Genuine Murano glass beads

IMG_5274 IMG_5279 Just finished these pairs of earrings using Murano beads and sterling silver. You could see more about them here. The history of glass bead making became a major industry starting from the 12th century in Venice, Italy, when a relatively small guild operated from the northern area of the city, in Murano – a small Venetian island. Actually it started in 1291, when the city council of Venice had decided to move glass workshops on the island of Murano to protect the masters’ secrets from the competitors. The main colors included red, white and blue, while green and yellow were rarer. To increase the colors of the beads were used metal as: tin, copper, cobalt, etc. Tin produced creamy white, copper influenced green hues and rare gold produced a rich russet-red. Cobalt would also be used to produce the moody indigo blues – the statement Murano beads color. Most Murano beads are made using the lampworking technique. This method is very time consuming taking in account that each bead must be formed individually. To be continued…


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Have a great week!



IMG_4732I enjoy a lot my herbs garden!
Basil, mint, sage, rosemary are some of my favourite!
More than that: a delicious white tea made – among other things – my weekend a special and relaxing one!
Good morning!

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